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A Union of Opposites: The End of the Age and the Splitting of Time

A Union of Opposites: The End of the Age and the Splitting of Time

Hell's Kitchen

I have been fixated on this H, Hell's Kitchen, H-K thing for a week or so and that always means there's something there, even if its small. H-K is equivalent to 8-11 or 11-8. The 2016 election was held on 11-8 with Trump not being announced as the winner until after midnight on 11-9. After looking at this picture below and thinking about "A Song of Fire and Ice" (Game of Thrones), I started to wonder how those 2 letters could represent duality and the union of opposites at the same time.

11 + 8 = 19 = 10 = 1

But why the imbalance on one side and not the other? After looking at the H Hillary logo again, I noticed something. The middle part was red arrow and acted like a bridge to the other side. So it essentially looked like 2 towers with a bridge in the middle. Or 1 & 1. So then you have H-K = 11-11

So you have 2 dualistic things uniting as one. Male and female. H & K. The IHS makes a lot more sense to me now. The IH representing the union in a sort of siamese twin way, combining 2 H's together I-I-I which is actually a symbol for Christ and can represent the 2 pillars becoming one in the middle. The S representing, I imagine, the serpent skin through which they united in. The human body. It's crazy how overt the symbolism is in this show and I bet no one even notices. It is over the top blatant. Like shoving it in your face because of "Hell's Kitchen" theme of the show just seems like its silly and fun and it is. I don't take things like this seriously but when you realize there is a very overt message they are sending through symbolism, it does start to creep you the fuck out. I have no idea what Gordon Ramsay knows or who he is as a person but I have a hard time believing he isn't aware of the symbols he is transmitting. Does that make him a bad person or mean you shouldn't watch his show? I won't tell you that. I like plenty of things that exude occult symbolism I'm sure. Although they aren't typically plugged directly into the mainstream.

Well there is a lot more to this H-K thing than I could have realized. Obviously the show takes its name from an actual place in New York, called Hell's Kitchen.,_Manhattan
Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton, is a neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. It is traditionally considered to be bordered by 34th Street to the south, 59th Street to the north, Eighth Avenue to the east, and the Hudson River to the west. The area provides transport, medical, and warehouse-infrastructure support to Midtown's business district.
Once a bastion of poor and working class Irish Americans, Hell's Kitchen's location in Midtown has changed its personality since the 1970s. Though Hell's Kitchen's gritty reputation had long held real-estate prices below those of most other areas of Manhattan, by 1969, the City Planning Commission's Plan for New York City reported that development pressures related to its Midtown location were driving people of modest means from the area. Since the early 1990s, the area has been gentrifying, and rents have risen rapidly. Located close to both Broadway theatres and the Actors Studio training school, Hell's Kitchen has long been a home to learning and practicing actors, and, in recent years, to young Wall Street financiers.
The northern edge of Hell's Kitchen borders the southern edge of the Upper West Side. 57th Street is the traditional boundary between the two neighborhoods. However, Hell's Kitchen is often considered to extend further north to 59th Street, the southern edge of Central Park starting at Eighth Avenue, where the avenue names change; this neighborhood overlaps with the Upper West Side if this is considered to be Hell's Kitchen's northern boundary. Included in the 57th to 59th Street transition area are the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, Hudson Hotel, Mount Sinai West, where John Lennon died in 1980 after being shot, and John Jay College.
The southern boundary is at Chelsea, but the two neighborhoods overlap and are often lumped together as the "West Side" since they support the Midtown Manhattan business district. The traditional dividing line is 34th Street. The transition area just north of Madison Square Garden and Pennsylvania Station includes the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The western border of the neighborhood is the Hudson River at the Hudson River Park and West Side Highway

Hell's Kitchen is also known as Clinton and its southern boundary is at Chelsea??? That adds a whole other dimension to this odd H-K thing. Hillary Klinton? I'm sure this was done on purpose but for what purpose exactly?

There's a place called Mount Sinai and John Lennon got killed here.

Several explanations exist for the original name. An early use of the phrase appears in a comment Davy Crockett made about another notorious Irish slum in Manhattan, Five Points. According to the Irish Cultural Society of the Garden City Area:
When, in 1835, Davy Crockett said, "In my part of the country, when you meet an Irishman, you find a first-rate gentleman; but these are worse than savages; they are too mean to swab hell's kitchen." He was referring to the Five Points.
According to an article by Kirkley Greenwell, published online by the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association:
No one can pin down the exact origin of the label, but some refer to a tenement on 54th Street as the first "Hell's Kitchen." Another explanation points to an infamous building at 39th as the true original. A gang and a local dive took the name as well.... a similar slum also existed in London and was known as Hell's Kitchen.
Local historian Mary Clark explained the name thus:
...first appeared in print on September 22, 1881 when a New York Times reporter went to the West 30s with a police guide to get details of a multiple murder there. He referred to a particularly infamous tenement at 39th Street and Tenth Avenue as "Hell's Kitchen" and said that the entire section was "probably the lowest and filthiest in the city." According to this version, 39th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues became known as Hell's Kitchen and the name was later expanded to the surrounding streets. Another version ascribes the name's origins to a German restaurant in the area known as Heil's Kitchen, after its proprietors. But the most common version traces it to the story of "Dutch Fred the Cop", a veteran policeman, who with his rookie partner, was watching a small riot on West 39th Street near Tenth Avenue. The rookie is supposed to have said, "This place is hell itself", to which Fred replied, "Hell's a mild climate. This is Hell's Kitchen."
Hell's Kitchen has stuck as the most-used name of the neighborhood, even though real estate developers have offered alternatives of "Clinton" and "Midtown West", or even "the Mid-West". The "Clinton" name, used by the municipality of New York City, originated in 1959 in an attempt to link the area to DeWitt Clinton Park at 52nd and Eleventh Avenue, named after the 19th century New York governor.

I looked and apparently, Bill Clinton is not related to any of the Clinton's mentioned here. Hell of a coincidence.

Hell's Kitchen seems to really fit this place apparently. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this is of course where the Marvel superhero DareDevil is from. Great show.

Two Scotsmen, Submarines, Bears & Nukes

I have also been seeing a lot of references to bears lately, this one being the first one talking about an attack. The bear hurt his arm and his eye. Obviously bears make me think of Russia. When the god of the Old Testament described himself just like the Beast from Revelation, he describes the bear part like this:
“Like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will attack them and rip them open."
Grizzly attacks hunter in mountains north of Yellowstone
Well there a movie coming out on Oct 26th called Hunter Killer (H-K) which the plot sounds an awfully lot like Hunt for Red October. Something Q has been referencing a lot lately. Both movies involve Russians, secret missions, submarines and possibility of war.

Processing img dk6yyfohr9s11...
Hunter Killer (2018) Trailer

October 26th is the date that Back to the Future is set in, in 1985. 33 years ago.

This movie is oddly similar to Hunt for Red October. Not to mention there is a submarine in the Roku screen that people think relates to this movie too.
Processing img rtsxd2h89ds11...

Hunt For Red October Preview [Trailer]

Both movies deal with submarines, Russia and potential break out of war with a color theme of red. The last line describing the plot in the wiki is interesting.

Ramius admits that the reason he defected was that after he was handed the plans for Red October, a nuclear war first strike weapon, he concluded that he could never support such an action. From atop the submarine's sail deck, Ramius, pleased to have made it to America, offers Ryan a quote from Christopher Columbus. Ryan nods in agreement and offers in return, "Welcome to the New World, sir".

I went digging a little deeper for more movies that are related to this theme and found some more interesting things.

Hell's Kitchen (1939) [Trailer]

Hell's Kitchen is a 1939 thriller Warner Bros. film starring The Dead End Kids and Ronald Reagan
Buck Caesar (Stanley Fields) is a paroled convict who makes a contribution to a reform school on the advice of his nephew, Jim Donahue (Ronald Reagan), a lawyer. Jim feels that the boys in the reform school, including Tony (Billy Halop), Gyp (Leo Gorcey), Joey (Bobby Jordan), Bongo (Huntz Hall), Ace (Gabriel Dell), and "Ouch" (Bernard Punsly), could benefit from the contribution, and he believes the publicity from it will help his uncle.
The superintendent, Krispan (Grant Mitchell), does not want the contribution to lead to an audit, as he has been carrying two sets of financial books. He gets a professional hockey team to substitute for the team his school will be playing. His reasoning is that Buck will place a large bet on the school and lose, thereby getting him angry and possibly violent, which would violate his parole and send him back to prison. Buck does proceed to get angry, and punches the opposing coach, and then hides to avoid arrest.
Krispan continues in his role as ruler of the school, which had deteriorated under Buck's influence. As punishment for their actions while Buck was around, Krispan locks Joey into a freezer, and he dies. The other kids revolt and Buck comes out of hiding to aid them. The kids capture Krispan and make him go through a trial where they convict him to "join Joey". Buck, however, has gone to the police, and they arrive in time to stop them. Krispan is punished through the proper legal channels, and Buck returns to prison for violation of parole.

Well right off the bat, you got Ronald Reagan starring in this movie. Obviously a giant indicator that there's substance here. 1939 adds up to 22 which can be 1, 1, 1, 1 or 11/11, which seems to be a very significant date. Trump will be in Paris for the celebration of the end of WWI.

So this ex convict donates money to a boys school to get publicity and the superintendent tries to sabotage him because he has things to hide involving how he's handled the schools money. His plan works and the ex convict hides to avoid arrest. The superintendent then kills one of the kids and they revolt leading to the ex convict coming back to help them. The kids want mob justice but the excon goes to the police to make sure proper justice is served instead of mob justice.

This story sounds a lot like what going on at the border with the child separation to me. Child abuse is a huge theme I am seeing in of all of this and I think we will all end up paying for. It's an absolute atrocity and my theory is that it is undoubtedly being used to traffick children. Trump could be both the excon and the superintendent which is usually how these predictive things work. So who is going to come rescue them? Or is that even going to happen this way? I do have a strong feeling that some sort of riot like that will happen so we'll see what happens but this will reach a tipping point.

Hell's Kitchen (1939) was actually based on another movie, called "Mayor of Hell".

Mayor of Hell [Trailer]
The Mayor of Hell is a 1933 American pre-Code Warner Brothers film starring James Cagney. The film was remade in 1938 as Crime School with Humphrey Bogart taking over James Cagney's role and Hell's Kitchen with Ronald Reagan in 1939.
Racketeer Patsy Gargan is made deputy commissioner of a reform school as a reward from his corrupt political cronies. Initially, he has no interest in the school, but his sympathy for the boys, who are abused and battered by a brutal, heartless warden and his thuggish guards convince him to take the job seriously, as does an attractive resident nurse named Dorothy.
Gargan sends Thompson, the superintendent, on vacation and, while he is gone, puts Dorothy's reform ideas into action. The school is functioning well under a system of self-government when Patsy is called back to the city to take care of some political business. Patsy shoots another man during a fight and has to go into hiding. Thompson returns to the school and convinces the boys that Patsy has abandoned them. He then starts running things the old way and, when Dorothy protests over the poor quality of the food served, he fires her. Then one of the boys, Johnny "Skinny" Stone, dies while in solitary confinement and the boys rebel. Thompson is put on trial by the boys, who find him guilty. Thompson, in a panic, jumps out a window to escape. Pursued by the boys, many of whom carry torches, he scrambles up onto the roof of a barn. The boys immediately set fire to the barn. Dorothy, meanwhile, finds Patsy in his hideout and tells him the whole story. Patsy races back to the school to restore order, but Thompson is dead, having fallen from the roof of the barn. At the picture's end, Patsy decides to give up his political career and stay at the school permanently.

Seems like basically the same story but with a couple differences. The "bad guy" ends up dead because the kids carrying torches (Charlottesville anyone?) set the barn he is in on fire instead of him going to jail. Probably a more realistic ending to this type of situation. The movie coming out in 1933 is another indicator.

According to the wiki, there was ANOTHER movie based on the same story, this one called "Crime School".

Crime School (1938) [Trailer]
Crime School is a 1938 Warner Bros. film directed by Lewis Seiler and starring the Dead End Kids and Humphrey Bogart
A junkman (Frank Otto) does business with the Dead End Kids: Frankie (Billy Halop), Squirt (Bobby Jordan), Spike (Leo Gorcey), Goofy (Huntz Hall), Fats (Bernard Punsly), and Bugs (Gabriel Dell). When the boys ask for a $20 payoff, "Junkie" says "Five is all you'll get. Now take it and get out of here." In a rage, Spike strikes the man in the back of the head with a hard object, and the junkman falls to the floor and doesn't move. When Judge Clinton (Charles Trowbridge) cannot convince the boys to divulge which one struck the damaging blow, they are all sent to reform school.
The harsh warden of the reformatory, Morgan (Cy Kendall), inflicts discipline at the school and flogs Frankie after he tries to escape. The superintendent of the state reformatories, Mark Braden (Humphrey Bogart), visits the school and finds evidence of Morgan's subtle cruelty, as in feeding his new inmates poor-quality food. He then visits Frankie in the hospital ward, finding him untreated and the doctor inebriated. As a way of starting over, he fires the doctor, Morgan, and four ex-convict guards, while retaining the head guard, Cooper (Weldon Heyburn). Braden takes charge of the reformatory himself and wins over the boys' cooperation by considerate treatment, while romancing Frankie's sister, Sue Warren (Gale Page).
Meanwhile, Cooper is afraid that Braden will learn of Morgan's embezzlement of the food budget, which would implicate him as well. He learns that Spike is the one who dealt the blow to the junkman and blackmails him. He gets him to tell Frankie that Braden's generous treatment is due to his sister's acceptance of Braden's attentions. Although untrue, it causes the kids to escape from the school in Cooper's car with his gun. They go to Sue's apartment, and Frankie climbs the fire escape with the gun to confront Braden, but Sue and Braden dispel Frankie's suspicions.
Meanwhile, Cooper "discovers" that the kids have escaped, and Morgan calls the press to discredit Braden and get him fired. But, Braden drives the boys back to the reformatory and gets them into their beds, before the Commissioner (Frank Jaquet), alerted by Morgan, arrives for an inspection with the police in tow. Their plot foiled and their fraud uncovered, Morgan and Cooper are arrested. The boys are subsequently paroled into the care of their parents.

This one is a bit different than the others. The group kills someone which gets them all sent to the school by a Judge named Clinton. Interesting choice. Then another plot unfolds involving someone scared of crimes involving money being uncovered so they try to frame the new head of the school. Of course this doesn't work and the fraud is uncovered and the kids are reunited with their parents.

I have been seeing this theme a lot. Crimes involving money, someone trying desperately to not get exposed too and the criminal going on the run. It'll be interesting to see if this plays out in this fashion since Trump has undoubtedly done shady and illegal business deals. I just wonder if this will come out sooner or later because a whirlwind of shit is at our doorstep.

But back to the first movie I mentioned, Hunter Killer. The sub in the red promo picture coming out of the water reminded me of Devil's Tower which is on the cover of the movie Close Encounters with the 3rd Kind, which I just realized yesterday thinking it was just some volcano the whole time (Keep in mind the bear attack happened at Yellowstone, which is a volcano). It's one of the things that was in that "trash" bag.

Looking for a picture of it to post, I came across this site and delved further deeper after I realized this was related to everything.
This means something. This is important.
I think of this line every time I eat mashed potatoes....
The Kiowa indians' creation story originated here... the marks are from a bear trying to get to children.
That's so strange. I've been having dreams about that mountain. I can't stop drawing it, and the other night I sculpted it with my mashed potatoes. This must mean something.
When I visited a few years ago park staff said it was lava that hardened in a volcano and then all the earth that made up the volcano eroded away.
Crazy coincidence. I think of it every time I'm throwing garbage and piles of dirt through my windows.
Thunder Bluff.
Is the right answer. It's a volcanic plug, formed as a volcano stopped erupting. Then the rock that formed the volcano around it eroded away over millions of years as it was much softer. This kind of phenomenon only happens with a certain kind of volcano with very free flowing magma - more like a crack in the ground really rather than the classic Mt Fuji shape.
According to the Native American tribes of the Kiowa and Lakota, a group of girls went out to play and were spotted by several giant bears, who began to chase them. In an effort to escape the bears, the girls climbed atop a rock, fell to their knees, and prayed to the Great Spirit to save them. Hearing their prayers, the Great Spirit made the rock rise from the ground towards the heavens so that the bears could not reach the girls. The bears, in an effort to climb the rock, left deep claw marks in the sides, which had become too steep to climb. Those are the marks which appear today on the sides of Devils Tower. When the girls reached the sky, they were turned into the stars of the Pleiades.
Another version tells that two Sioux boys wandered far from their village when Mato the bear, a huge creature that had claws the size of tipi poles, spotted them, and wanted to eat them for breakfast. He was almost upon them when the boys prayed to Wakan Tanka the Creator to help them. They rose up on a huge rock, while Mato tried to get up from every side, leaving huge scratch marks as he did. Finally, he sauntered off, disappointed and discouraged. The bear came to rest east of the Black Hills at what is now Bear Butte. Wanblee, the eagle, helped the boys off the rock and back to their village. A painting depicting this legend by artist Herbert A. Collins hangs over the fireplace in the visitor's center at Devils Tower.
In a Cheyenne version of the story, the giant bear pursues the girls and kills most of them. Two sisters escape back to their home with the bear still tracking them. They tell two boys that the bear can only be killed with an arrow shot through the underside of its foot. The boys have the sisters lead the bear to Devils Tower and trick it into thinking they have climbed the rock. The boys attempt to shoot the bear through the foot while it repeatedly attempts to climb up and slides back down leaving more claw marks each time. The bear was finally scared off when an arrow came very close to its left foot. This last arrow continued to go up and never came down.
Wooden Leg, a Northern Cheyenne, related another legend told to him by an old man as they were traveling together past the Devils Tower around 1866–1868. An Indian man decided to sleep at the base of Bear Lodge next to a buffalo head. In the morning he found that both he and the buffalo head had been transported to the top of the rock by the Great Medicine with no way down. He spent another day and night on the rock with no food or water. After he had prayed all day and then gone to sleep, he awoke to find that the Great Medicine had brought him back down to the ground, but left the buffalo head at the top near the edge. Wooden Leg maintained that the buffalo head was clearly visible through the old man's spyglass. At the time, the tower had never been climbed and a buffalo head at the top was otherwise inexplicable.
The buffalo head gives this story special significance for the Northern Cheyenne. All the Cheyenne maintained in their camps a sacred teepee to the Great Medicine containing the tribal sacred objects. In the case of the Northern Cheyenne, the sacred object was a buffalo head

A scary bear attacks kids and they manage to escape by going into the sky... I believe there is going to be some sort of rapture event on the same day there is a major attack on America. Probably New York but it could be multiple places at once. Including chemical weapons. All this political talk of a blue/red wave/tsunami is kind of freaking me out to be honest considering the weather we've been having. I have been thinking the destruction of New York has been coming ever since I discovered Regulus was eclipsed in 2014 for 14 seconds, directly over New York. (I discovered that earlier this year). I have heard of repeated stories of nukes being set off in the ocean to cause a tsunami and destroy the Hoover Dam. There are repeated showings of the Capitol Building getting destroyed too in various movies. Semi recently was in the Batman vs Superman movie. It also gets destroyed in "The Last President" book but I think it's more metaphorical in that one. They set up the Arch of Baal in NY twice in 2 different places I believe as well as having the Washington Arch.
This is in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. Notice the shape of the thing its sitting on.

11/11 is Armistice Day in France.
Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918. The date is a national holiday in France, and was declared a national holiday in many Allied nations. In some countries Armistice Day coincides with Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, and other public holidays. Armistice Day is not celebrated in Germany, but a German national day of mourning Volkstrauertag has, since 1952, been observed on the Sunday closest to 16 November.

Here in America, our major WWI monument is in Kansas City, MO and it's called the Liberty Memorial.
The National World War I Museum and Memorial of the United States is located in Kansas City, Missouri. Opened to the public as the Liberty Memorial museum in 1926, it was designated in 2004 by the United States Congress as America's official museum dedicated to World War I.
The ToweObelisk at night. The one on the left looks almost like a rocket with it lit up like that at like the moon. The one on the right looks like a volcano

Kansas City also has their own Arch of Triumph.
Nothing odd or out of the ordinary about it as far as I can tell that would indicate anything to me. It is dedicated to WWI and WW2 vets.

I started to get fixated on the Liberty Memorial and I knew that meant there was something there but it took me a while to figure it all out. What really caught my eye was the runway looking path leading into the bottom of the monument. Looking at it from above, it looks just like a keyhole. Well I noticed that the Devil's Tower on the cover of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind has a road leading into the bottom of the monolith, exactly like Liberty Memorial. And if you look at the very top of the memorial, it looks a lot like a circular UFO. (I haven't seen the movie actually but the cover was in that "trash" bag).
I have been seeing a cow theme recently (as well as an island and a rose but that may or may not be related), and the Egyptian goddess Isis was turned into a cow at one point. ISIS being the infamous Islamic terrorist group. I thought the paths around the Liberty Memorial looked like a cows head...
The key hole looks like those Ferris wheels being put all over the world which are symbols for star gates. The yellow Ferris wheel at the top is the one in Paris and that obelisk is Cleopatra's Needle.

There even seems to be what looks like a "Red Eye" which implies an airplane (a late night/early morning flight is called a red eye flight. "Red Eye" also just so happens to be the name of a thriller about a terrorist trying to kill a government official while holding a woman hostage during a plane flight). I guess it could also mean 4/20 for pot smoking which would still connect it to everything on multiple levels interestingly enough. I have been seeing signs of planes crashing and vehicles exploding too. Just today Melania had to land suddenly because her plane was smoking. The fountain that looks like a red eye is what made me think of the cow being red. Which is what both Yahweh and the Roman volcano god Vulcan want as sacrifices. Apparently, a "perfect" red heifer was born in Israel recently which is suppose to signify the coming of the Messiah. So this "cowhead" could either represent an ISIS terrorist attack or a volcano erupting or even both I guess. Since this is called "Liberty Memorial" the target could actually be New York and Lady Liberty and I would always hope Yellowstone never erupts. Mike Pompeo is Trump's Secretary of State and he handles a lot of the North Korea stuff. Pompeii is the name of a very famous Ancient Roman city that got destroyed by a volcanic eruption from Mt Vesuvius.
In AD 79 Vesuvius erupted in one of the most catastrophic and famous eruptions of all time. Historians have learned about the eruption from the eyewitness account of Pliny the Younger, a Roman administrator and poet who dated the eruption to August 24th which was long accepted though with some doubts due to finds such as fruits which indicated a date later in the year. New evidence, however, suggests that this eruption may have occurred on October 24th.

Seeing as how October can equal 10 and/or 8 and August is the 8th month of the year, this mixup sounds plausible and its right inbetween 2 dates that I think are significant, the 21st and 26th. Both correlating to Back to the Future. 10/21 being the day it was in 2015 when Marty and Doc went to the future

I know this "red cow head" has always been there at the memorial but the fact that it is coming to my attention now is meaningful. I've learned this time and time again with these experiences. I learned about the Roman god Vulcan and then literally a week later we actually discovered the planet for fucks sake. Interesting to note that when I was looking through significant events correlating with dates I have determined were important, I came across this.
The Battle of Westport, sometimes referred to as the "Gettysburg of the West," was fought on October 23, 1864, in modern Kansas City, Missouri, during the American Civil War. Union forces under Major General Samuel R. Curtis decisively defeated an outnumbered Confederate force under Major General Sterling Price. This engagement was the turning point of Price's Missouri Expedition, forcing his army to retreat. The battle ended the last major Confederate offensive west of the Mississippi River, and for the remainder of the war the United States Army maintained solid control over most of Missouri. This battle was one of the largest to be fought west of the Mississippi River, with over 30,000 men engaged.

Then not even a day later, I see a post on conspiracy where someone is talking about going to an active shooter drill in KC. These are never unmeaningful coincidences for me. Hopefully this stops that "never" streak or its a very insignificant event. I must admit, I don't know how well I'm going to be able to personally handle having knowledge of these events before they happen and not doing anything I can to save people. But even if I did tell people, no one would listen because it sounds fucking insane. I would love to just be insane this time.
In the New Testament Jesus says that as it was in the days of Noah, it will be in the End Times.

Genesis 7:11 records that Noah's flood began on the 17th day of the second month, which fell on May 2nd/3rd last year.
This coincided with the appointment of Emmet Flood as Trump's new lawyer.
October 26th this year will also be the 17th day of the second month of the Jewish civil calendar.
On October 26, 1985 (33 years ago), Dr. Emmett Brown arrives in the DeLorean time machine and persuades Marty McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, to travel to the future with him and help their future children.


1 + 2 + 6 = 9
2 + 1 + 8 = 11

10/26 = 9 and 2018 = 11 = 9/11??? 9 +11 = 20 = 2 = 1 & 1, 11
1 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 2 = 1 & 1 or 11
10/10/2018 = 11/11
It should also be noted that October is the 8th month in the calendar the name originates from. (Oc = 8). And since H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, this makes H-K make perfect sense now. 1-H or 1-1-1. H-K symbolically represents the union of opposites then. Which would mean that demons or evil spirits would be able to pass through due to the union which would make sense in Hell's Kitchen.
Cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.

2018-1918 = 100th Anniversary

2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11
11/11/11 = 33

I believe this is the day the timeline resets or splits off. It will either be the beginning of a lasting peace or beginning of WWIII. Not immediately but I'm not sure how this is all going to play out. Stay tuned, much more to write about these possible events: Rapture, North Korea nuclear strike, ISIS terrorist attack and a Jesuit assassination attempt. As well as the coming Messiah born to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (I have no idea if this baby will literally be THE Messiah, if such a thing exists, but she will be VERY significant in the future, I know that much. Either for good or evil. And she will be a SHE. I am also predicting it will be announced that she is going to have twins only for one of them to die either before it is born or shortly after.)

One last thing before I go. I realized one of my favorite bands, Fear Factory, has a song literally called "H-K (Hunter-Killer)"

Fear Factory - H-K (Hunter-Killer) [Youtube]

The conscious man is dead
And I buried him
Beneath this scarred tissue
Armored skeleton
The machine is now alive
Desensitized with open eyes
Powered by an angry mind
And is refuelled by those I despise
I've become what they detest
A delinquent survivalist
Without fear and no regrets
They fucking say
I am a criminal
I am a criminal
I am a criminal
I am a criminal
I must steal
To survive
I must kill
To moralize
Leaving people victimized
Fuels my angst inside
I'm your judge
And your jury
You don't get
An attorney
With my verdict
Of guilty
An execution in fury
The machine is now alive
To wreak havoc in your lives
There's no use to hold me back
I am ready to attack
I've become what they detest
A delinquent survivalist
Without fear and no regrets
They fucking say
I am a criminal
I am a criminal
I am a criminal
I am a criminal

Fear Factory write songs that are pretty much all about man turning into machines. Another very important theme to the times we are living in. What does the future of our timeline hold?
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My excavation team and I found an original copy of the Old Testament. After many years here is the translation

Kanye, can I talk to you for a minute? Me and the other faculty members was wonderin could you do a lil som... Somethin beautiful Somethin that the kids is gon love when they hear it Thas gon make them start jumpin up and down and sharin candy an' stuff Think you could probably do somethin for the kids for graduation to sing?
"We Don't Care"
[Chorus] [Kanye West:] And all my people thats drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say
[Verse One:] If this is your first time hearing this You are about to experience something cold man We never had nothing handed took nothing for granted Took nothing from no man, man i'm my own man But as a shorty i looked up to the dopeman Only adult man i knew that wasnt a broke man Flickin starter coats man, Man you ount no man We don't care what people say This is for my niggas outside all winter Cuz this summer they aint finna to say next summer im finna Sittin in the hood like community colleges This dope money here is Lil Treys scholarship Cause aint no to tuition for havin no ambition And aint no loans for sittin your ass at home So we forced to sell crack rap and get a job You gotta do something man your ass is grown
[Chorus] [Kanye West:] Drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high
Kids Sing Kids Sing
[Kanye and Kids:] We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say
[Verse Two:] The second verse is for my dogs working 9 to 5 That still hustle cause a nigga can't shine off $6.55 And everybody selling make-up, Jacobs And bootleg tapes just to get they cake up We put shit on layaway then come back We claim other people kids on our income tax We take that money cop work than push packs to get paid And we don't care what people say Momma say she wanna move south Scratchin lottery tickets Eyes on a new house Around the same time Doe ran up in dudes house Couldnt get a job So since he couldnt get work he figured hed take work The drug game bolemic its hard to get weight So niggas money is homo its hard to get straight So we gon keep baking to the day we get cake. And we dont care what people say My Niggas
[Chorus] [Kanye West and Kids:] Drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high
Kids Sing Kids Sing
We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say
[Verse Three:] You know the kids gonna act a fool When you stop the programs for after school And they DCFS them some of them dislecsic They favorite 50 Cent song's 12 Questions We scream, rock, blows, weed park so now we smart We aint retards the way teachers thought Hold up hold fast we make mo'cash Now tell my momma i belong in the slow class It's bad enough we on welfare You trying to put me on the school bus with the space for the wheel chair Im trying to get the car with the chromy wheels here You tryin to cut our lights like we dont live here Look at whats handed us our fatheres abandoned us When we get the hammers gone and call the ambulance Sometimes i feel no one in this world understands us But we dont care what people say My Niggas
[Chorus] [Kanye West and Kids:] drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high
Kids Sing Kids Sing
We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say
"Graduation Day"
What in the fuck was that Kanye I told you to do some shit for the kids You can give me your muthafucking graduation ticket right now You will not walk across that stage, you won’t slide across that stage A muthafucka can’t pull you across that stage Kanye Who told you see, I told you to do something up lifting I’m trynna get you out here with these white people and this how you gone do me You know what us a nigga And I don’t mean that in no nice way Had little kids sing about the shit, the jokes on you You throw your mutha hands in the air, and wave good-bye to everybody Cause you getting the fuck out of this campus Mutha what you gone do now
I'm no longer confused but don't tell anybody. I'm about to break the rules but don't tell anybody. I got something better than school but don't tell anybody. My momma would kill me but don't anybody. she wants me to get a good ass job just like everybody. She ain'twalked in my shoes i'm just not everybody.
"All Falls Down" (feat. Syleena Johnson)
[Chorus - 4x] Oh when it all, it all falls down I'm telling you ohh, it all falls down
[Verse - Kanye West] Man I promise, she's so self conscious She has no idea what she's doing in college That major that she majored in don't make no money But she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny Now, tell me that ain't insecurrre The concept of school seems so securrre Sophmore three yearrrs aint picked a careerrr She like fuck it, I'll just stay down herre and do hair Cause that's enough money to buy her a few pairs of new Airs Cause her baby daddy don't really care She's so precious with the peer pressure Couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus (a Lexus) She had hair so long that it looked like weave Then she cut it all off now she look like Eve And she be dealing with some issues that you can't believe Single black female addicted to retail and well
[Chorus - repeat 2x (w/ Kanye ad-libs)]
[Verse - Kanye West] Man I promise, I'm so self conscious That's why you always see me with at least one of my watches Rollies and Pasha's done drove me crazy I can't even pronounce nothing, pass that versace! Then I spent 400 bucks on this Just to be like nigga you ain't up on this! And I can't even go to the grocery store Without some ones thats clean and a shirt with a team It seems we living the american dream But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem The prettiest people do the ugliest things For the road to riches and diamond rings We shine because they hate us, floss cause they degrade us We trying to buy back our 40 acres And for that paper, look how low we a'stoop Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coop/coupe
[Chorus - repeat 2x (w/ Kanye ad-libs)]
[Verse - Kanye West] I say fuck the police, thats how I treat em We buy our way out of jail, but we can't buy freedom We'll buy a lot of clothes when we don't really need em Things we buy to cover up what's inside Cause they make us hate ourself and love they wealth That's why shortys hollering "where the ballas' at?" Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack And a white man get paid off of all of that But I ain't even gon act holier than thou Cause fuck it, I went to Jacob with 25 thou Before I had a house and I'd do it again Cause I wanna be on 106 and Park pushing a Benz I wanna act ballerific like it's all terrific I got a couple past due bills, I won't get specific I got a problem with spending before I get it We all self conscious I'm just the first to admit it
[Chorus - to fade (w/ Kanye ad-libs)]
"I'll Fly Away"
Some glad morning when this life is over, I'll fly away. To a home on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away.
I'll fly away, O Glory, I'll fly away. When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye, I'll fly away.
When the shadows of this life have flown, I'll fly away. Like a bird thrown, driven by the storm, I'll fly away.
I'll fly away, O Glory, I'll fly away. When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye, I'll fly away.
Just a few more weary days and then, I'll fly away. To a land where joy shall never end, I'll fly away.
I'll fly away, O Glory, I'll fly away. When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye, I'll fly away.
"Jesus Walks"
Yo, we at war We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves (Jesus walks) God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down (Jesus walks with me) with me, with me, with me [fades]
You know what the Midwest is? Young & Restless Where restless (niggas) might snatch your necklace And next these (niggas) might jack your Lexus Somebody tell these (niggas) who Kanye West is I walk through the valley of the shadow of death is Top floor the view alone will leave you breathless Uhhhh! Try to catch it Uhhhh! It's kinda hard Getting choked by the detectives yeah yeah now check the method They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us Saying, "We eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast." Huh? Y'all eat pieces of shit? What's the basis? We ain't going nowhere but got suits and cases A trunk full of coke rental car from Avis My mamma used to say only Jesus can save us Well mamma I know I act a fool But I'll be gone 'til November I got packs to move I Hope
[Hook 2x] (Jesus walks) God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down (Jesus walks with me) The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now (Jesus walks) And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs (Jesus walks with me) I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long
To the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers (Jesus walks with them) To the victims of Welfare for we living in hell here hell yeah (Jesus walks with them) Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly I know he hear me when my feet get weary Cause we're the almost nearly extinct We rappers are role models we rap we don't think I ain't here to argue about his facial features Or here to convert atheists into believers I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus So here go my single dog radio needs this They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh? Well if this take away from my spins Which will probably take away from my ends Then I hope this take away from my sins And bring the day that I'm dreaming about Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out
(Jesus walks) God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down (Jesus walks) The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now (Jesus walks) And I don't thing there's nothing I can do now to right my wrongs (Jesus walks with me... fades) I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long
"Never Let Me Down" (feat. Jay-Z, J-Ivy)
[Intro:] Yeah Grandmama Told you I won't let you down Told you I won't let this rap game change me, right?
[Chorus:] When it comes to being true, at least true to me One thing I found,one thing I found Oh no you'll neva let me down, Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down)
[Jay-Z:] Yo, yo first I snatched the street then I snatched the charts, First had they ear now I hav they're heart, Rappers came and went, I've been hear from the start, Seen them put it together Watch them take it apart, See the Rovers roll up wit ribbons I've seen them re-poed, re-sold and re-driven So when I reload, he holds #1 position When u hot I'm hot And when your feet cold, mines is sizzelin It's plain to see Nigga's can't f*** wit me Cuz ima be that nigga fo life This is not an image This is God given This is hard liven Mixed wit crystal sipping It's the most consistent Hov Give you the most hits you can fit inside a whole disc and Nigga I'm home on these charts, y'all niggaz visitin It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordan of rap I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy
[Kanye West:] I get down for my grandfather who took my momma Made her sit that seat where white folks ain't wanna us to eat At the tender age of 6 she was arrested for the sit in With that in my blood I was born to be different Now niggas can't make it to ballots to choose leadership But we can make it to Jacob and to the dealership That's why I hear new music And I just don't be feeling it Racism still alive they just be concealing it But I know they don't want me in the damn club They even made me show I.D to get inside of Sam's club I did dirt and went to church to get my hands scrubbed Swear I've been baptised at least 3 or 4 times But in the land where nigga's praise Yukons and getting paid It gon' take a lot more than coupons to get us saved Like it take a lot more than do-rags to get your waves Noting sadder than that day my girl father past away So I promised to Mr Rany I'm gonna marry your daughter And u know I gotta thank u for they way that she was brought up And I know that u were smiling when u see that car I bought her And u sent tears from heaven when u seen my car get balled up But I can't complaint what the accident did to my Left Eye Cuz look what a accident did to Left Eye First Aaliyah and now romeo must die I know a got angels watching me from the other side
[Chorus x2]
[J.Ivy:] We are all here for a reason on a particular path You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math Cats think I'm delirious, but I'm so damn serious That's why I expose my soul to the globe, the world I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls I'm not just another individual, my spirit is a part of this That's why I get spiritual, but I get my hymns from Him So it's not me, it's He that's lyrical I'm not a miracle, I'm a heaven-sent instrument My rhythmatic regimen navigates melodic notes for your soul and your mental That's why I'm instrumental Vibrations is what I'm into Yeah, I need my loot by rent day But that is not what gives me the heart of Kunte Kinte I'm tryina give us "us free" like Cinque I can't stop, that's why I'm hot Determination, dedication, motivation I'm talking to you, my many inspirations When I say I can't, let you or self down If I were of the highest cliff, on the highest riff And you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life in my grip I would never, ever let you down And when these words are found Let it been known that God's penmanship has been signed with a language called love That's why my breath is felt by the deaf And why my words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind I, too, dream in color and in rhyme So I guess I'm one of a kind in a full house Cuz whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth A touch of God reigns out
[Jay-Z (Kanye West)] Who else you know been hot this long, (Oh Ya, you know we ain't finished) Started from nothing but he got this strong, (The ROC is in the building) Built the ROC from a pebble, pedalled rock before I met you, Pedalled bikes, got my nephews pedal bikes because they special, Let you tell that man I'm falling, Well somebody must've caught him, Cause every fourth quarter, I like to Mike Jordan 'em, Number one albums, what I got like four of dem, More of dem on the way, The Eight Wonder on the way, Clear the way, I'm here to stay, Y'all can save the chitter chat, this and that, this and Jay, Dissin' Jay 'ill get you mased, When I start spitting them lyrics, niggas get very religious, Six Hail Maries, please Father forgive us, Young, the Archbishop, the Pope John Paul of y'all niggas, The way y'all all follow Jigga, Hov's a living legend and I tell you why, Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov still alive.
"Get Em High" (feat. Talib Kweli, Common)
[Kanye West] I'm trying to catch the beat, uh I'm trying to catch the beat I'm trying to catch the beat, uh uh, uh I'm trying to catch the beat
[Chorus (Kanye West):] Now, throw your motherfucking hands GET 'EM HIGH All the girls pass the weed to your motherfucking man GET 'EM HIGH Now I ain't never tell you to put down your hands KEEP 'EM HIGH And if your losing your high then* smoke again KEEP 'EM HIGH
[Verse 1: Kanye West] Now, my flow Is in the pocket like wallets, I got the bounce like hydraulics I can't call it, I got the swerve like alcoholics My freshman year I was going through hella problems 'til I built up the nerve to drop my ass up outta college My teacher said I'm a loser, I told her why don't you kill me I give a fuck if you fail me, I'm gonna follow my heart, And if you follow the charts, or the plaques or the stacks You ain't gotta guess who's back, You see I'm so Chi that you thought it was bashful But this bastard's flow will bash a skull And I will cut your girl like Pastor Troy And I don't usually smoke but pass the 'dro And I won't give you that money that you asking for Why you think me and Dame cool? We're assholes! That's why we hear your music in fast forward 'Cause we don't wanna hear that weak shit no more
[Chorus (Kanye West)]
[Verse 2: Kanye West] Now who the hell is this? E-mailing me at 11:26, telling me that she 36-26, plus double D You know how girls on black planet be when they get bubbly At NYU but she hail from Kansas, right now she just lampin, chilling on campus Sent me a picture with her feeling on Candice Who said her favorite rapper was the late great Francis W-H-I-T, it's getting late mami, your screen saver say tweet So you got to call me, and bring a friend for my friend His name Kweli (You mean Talib, lyrics stick to your rib) I mean (That's my favorite CD that I play in my crib) I mean (You don't really know him, why is you lying) You Kwe, she don't believe me, please pick up the line She's gonna think that I'm lying, just spit a couple of lines Then maybe I'll be able to give her dick all the time, and get her high
[Verse 3: Talib Kweli] Yeah, I can't believe this nigga use my name for picking up dimes But never mind, I need some tracks you trying to pull tracks out And my rhymes is finna blow you trying to blow backs out Well OK, you twisted my arm, I'll assist with the charm, aiyyo Ain't you meet that chick at that conference with your mom? She's the bomb, but she got the boujee behavior Always got something to say like an OK player hater Anyway, I don't usually fuck with the Internet Or chicks on Birth Control stuck to they arm like Nicorette You really fucking that much, you trying to get off cigarettes And she think it's fly, she ain't met a real nigga yet I apologize if I come off a little inconsiderate I got the bubble kush and a sister could get a hit of it
[Verse 4: Common] Get 'em high like noon, or the moon or room filled with smoke A high filled with dope You all assumed I was doomed, out of tune, but I still feel the notes The real nigga quotes Real rappers is hard to find like a remote control, Rap is not a used to but still got love, That's why I abuse you who are not thugs Rock clubs, it's like Tiger Woods in the hood, to have my own reality show Called Soul Survivor, I stole all liver, niggas in you You's a bitch I got ones that are thicker than you How could I ever let your words affect me, they say Hip-Hop is dead I'm here to resurrect me, mosh is too sexy to even make songs like these That's why the raw don't know your name, like Alicia Keys Too many featured MCs, and producers is popular Twelve thousand spins, nobody got to copping her Album, how come, you the hot garbage of The year, It's clear your image is snooped up Label got you souped up, telling you you're sick Man you a dick with a loose nut Video hard to watch like Medusa Even your club record need a booster Chimped up, with a pimp cup, illiterate nigga Read the infa, red across your head Imma bred King like Simba Boulder then Denver, I ain't a Madd Rapper just a MC with a temper You dancing for money like honey, I did this my way So when the industry crash, I survive like Kanye Spitting through wires and fires, MCs retiring Got your hands up, get them motherfuckers higher then
[Chorus (Kanye West)]
"Workout Plan"
[Girl #1] Ay Wussup gurl
[Girl #2] Heyy gurl
[Girl #3] Hey How u doin'?
[Girl #1] Ay you know i finally got my shit together been watchin that workout plan gurl!!
[Girl #2] Well you lookin' all good and stuff you got you a-
[Girl #1] Gurl i know it's that workout
[Girl #2] Got you a six pack shakuar and stuff
[Girl #1] Don't say it
[Girl #3] my nigga my nigga i'm tired of puttin 1-8-7 in my niggas pager that shit aint workin' no more
[Girl #1] Gurl you know i'ma video hofesional now (Gurl) since i copped this new workout plan my shit is right rollin' in lexus, acruasss everything gurll
[Girl #3] Gurl u need to let me know where i can cop that how much is it?
[Girl #1] Gurl you know you ain't gotta pay nuttin' around me i'm tha bootleg queeen i'll give it to you for free.99
[Both girl #2, and #3] FREE.99!!
[Girl #3] That's my dawg you always lookin out for us
[Girl #2] My nigga now i can throw away my bus pass and shit oh my God
[Girl #3] Oh shit
"The New Workout Plan"
[Intro] You just popped in the Kanye West Get right for the summer workout tape And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly You might bear to pull you a rapper, a NBA player Man, at least a dude wit' a car So first of all we gon' work on the stomach Nobody wants a little tight ass!
[Verse 1] 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this Give head, stop breathe, get up, check your weave Don't drop the blunt and disrespect the weed Pick up your son and don't disrespect your seed It's a party tonight and ooh she's so excited Tell me who's invited: you, your friends and my dick What's scary to me is Henny makes girls look like Halle Berry to me So excuse me miss, I forgot your name Thank you, God bless you, good night I came.. I came... I came..
[Chorus:] It's been a week without me And she feels weak without me She wanna talk it out but Ain't nothin to talk about less She talks about freakin out so Maybe we can work it out Work it out [4x] Maybe we could work it out
[Verse 2] Oh girl your silhouette make me wanna light a cigarette My name Kanye from the Jigga set Twista said get it wet Ooh, girl your breath is HARSH Cover your mouth up like you got SARS Off them tracks yea I bought them cars Still killa a nigga on 16 bars We ain't sweatin' to the oldies we jukin to a cold beat Maybe one day girl we can bone So you can brag to all your homies now But I still mess with a big girl if you ain't fit girl I'll hit girl 1 and you brought 2 friends OK 3 more now hop in the Benz 4 door do you know the difference between a 5, 6, 7, 8 All the mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates You gotta pop this tape in before you start back dating Hustlers, gangstas, all us, ballas
[Interlude: Ladies speaking w/ Kanye in the background] [Jill] Hi, may name is Jill, I just want to say thanks to Kanye's workout plan. I was able to pull a NBA player And like now I shop every day on Rodeo drive I just want to say, thank you Kanye! woooo! woooo! woooo!
[Lasandra] My name is Lasandra, and I just want to say that ever since listenin' to Kanye's workout tape I was able to get my phone bill paid, I got sounds and 13's put up in my Cavalier and I was able to get a free trip to Cancun And what's most importantly is that I ain't gotta fuck Ray Ray's broke ass no mo'
(Work it mo' juge it mo' pump it mo, Chi-town mo' let's go mo')
[Alamae] My name is Alamae from Mobille, Alabama and I just want to say since listenin' to Kanye's workout tape I been able to date outside the family, I got a double wide And I rode the plane, rode the plane, rode the plane
[Girl] Thanks to Kanye's workout plan I'm the envy of all my friends See I pulled me a baller man (yeah) And I don't gotta work at the mall again
[Beat changes]
(Lemme break ya wit' a piece of) My favorite work out plan (oh! oh! oh!) I wanna see you work out (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) (It's that old Michael Jackson shit)
That's right put in work, move your ass, go wizzerk Eat your salad, no dessert Get that man you deserve It's Kanye's workout plan I said it's Kanye's workout plan (Ladies and gentlemen) It's Kanye's workout plan (Allow myself to introduce myself) His woooorrrrkkoouut plan (This time around I want y'all to clap like this)
That's right, put in work Move your ass, go wizzerk Eat your salad, no dessert Get that man you deserve (Stop!) It's Kanye's workout plan (Ok bring) I said it's Kanye's workout plan (I know y'all ain't tired) It's Kanye's workout plan (But I hope not, 'cuz on this one I need ya) His woooorrrrkkoouut plan (To give me a soul clap ok? Double time)
That's right, put in work (Woo!) Move your ass, go wizzerk (Ow! Eat your salad, no dessert (Ugh!) Get that man you deserve
That's right, put in work (Put in work) Move your ass, go wizzerk (Go wizzerk) Eat your salad, no dessert (No dessert) Get that man you deserve (You hear, ugh)
That's right, put in work (That's right put in work) Move your ass, go wizzerk (Go wizzerk) Eat your salad, no dessert (Eat your salad, no dessert) Get that man you deserve (Woo!)
(Okay, okay, okay, that's, that'd be good) [Applause and cheering] (I appreciate your time) I want to see you work out for me Woah, yeah
"Slow Jamz" (feat. Twista, Jamie Foxx)
[Luther Vandross] Are you gonna be? Say that you're gonna be
[Jamie Foxx] Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...
[Chorus (Jamie Foxx):] She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right (Are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be? Well well well well well) She said she want some Ready for the World, some New Edition, some Minnie Ripperton, and definitely set this party off right (Are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be? Well well well well well)
[Kanye West] I told her to drive over in your new whip Bring some friends you cool with I'm gonna bring the cool whip Then I want you to strip See you is my new chick So we get our grind on She be grabbing, calling me Biggie like Shine home Man, I swear she fine homes Why she always lying though Telling me them diamonds when she know they rhinestones She got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson Got a dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson I play 'Ready for the World' - she was ready for some action My dawg said you ain't no freak, so you got to prove my man wrong I'm a play this Vandross You're gonna take your pants off I'm gonna play this Gladys Knight Me and you're gonna get right
[Chorus X2]
[Twista] Got you looking at the gliss at my hands and wrists While I'm laying back smoking on my cannabis When it come to rocking the rhythm like Marvin and Luther I can tell you ain't no messing with Kan-man and Twist From the Chi and I be Sipping Hennessy Play some R&B Trying to smoke a B Looking properly Feeling on a G? And always (well well well well well) Come with me and sip on some Evelyn Champagne You ain't know Twista can work it like the Whispers Hit the stop light, get into some Isaac The rims still moving so I'm bumping little spinners While I'm smoking on a B Dipping through the streets Bumping R&B And I got to leave something to the 23's? And I do it (well well well well well) With my earth and the wind smoke a fire Let me when get your sheets wet listening to Keith Sweat Put you in a daze for maze Fullfilling our every temptation slow jamming having deep sex You ready for the world girl Come on over make me touch you all over your body baby don't say no to me An every moment you controllin' me I'm loving the way you be holding me when I be listening to Jodeci And when I come over and bend your ass You be bumping Teddy Pendergrass I'd hit it from the back to the melody to roll it slow Now I gotta go up in it fast, but I'm gonna finish last No matter how much of a thug you see I still spit it like it's R&B, so to the club with me And with some Luther come on and hope you finna and still be in love with me
[Chorus X2]
[Twista] Baby drop another slow jam And all us lovers need hold hands And if you ain't got no man hop up in my Brougham I keep it pimping like an old man You got to roll with the plan Cause after that then I Take it to the dome Then I got to bone Stay up in the zone Got to get you home Gotta run up on And I do it (well well well well well) Baby drop another slow jam And all us lovers need hold hands And if you ain't got no man hop up on my brohem I keep it pimping like an old man You got to roll with the plan Cause after that then I Take you to my home And we could get it on Disconnect the phone Just to get you goin' Trying to make you moan And I do it (well well well well well)
"Two Words" (feat. Mos Def, Freeway, The Harlem Boys Choir)
[Kanye West] We in the streets playa, getcha mail It's only two places you'll end up - either dead or in jail Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go Now throw ya hands up bustless, bustas, boostas, hoes Everybody, fuck that Still nowhere to go...sill nowhere to go..
[Mos Def] Two words, United States, no love, no brakes Low brow, high stakes, crack smoke, black folks Big Macs, fat folks, ecstasy capsules Presidential scandals, everybody MOVE Two words, Mos Def, K West, hot shit Calm down, get back, ghetto people, got this Game ball, lock shit, dump off, cock shit We won't stop shit, everybody MOVE Two words, BK , NY, bedstuy Two hawks, too hungry, too many, that's why These streets know game, can't ball, don't play Every traffic, one lane, everybody MOVE Two words, Mos Def, black check, hot shit Calm down, get back, ghetto people, got this Game point lock, long pump cocked We won't stop, everybody MOVE
[Chorus: Kanye West (Harlem Boys Choir)]
[1] - Now throw ya hands up bustless, bustas (Throw your hands up high) Boostas, hoes, everybody, fuck that (ohhhhhh) Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go... (ohhhhhh)
[2] - and keep ya hands up bustless, bustas (Till they reach the sky) Boostas, hoes, everybody, fuck that (ohhhhhh) Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go... (ohhhhhh)
[Kanye West (Harlem Boys Choir)] Aiyyo, two words, Chi town, South side, world wide Cuz I, rep that, till I, fuckin die One neck, two chains, one waist, two gats One wall, twenty plaques, dudes say, "Gimme that" I am limelight, Blueprint, 5 Mics Go getters rhyme like, shoulda been signed twice Most imitated, Grammy nominated Hotel accommodated, cheerleader, prom dated Barbershop, playa hated, mom and pop, bootlegged it Felt like it rained till the roof caved in Two words, Chi town, raised me, crazy So I live by two words, "Fuck you, pay me" Screamin, Jesus save me You know how the game be I can't let em change me Cuz on Judgment Day, you gon blame me Look God, it's the same me I (Throw) basically know now (Your) we could (Up) racially profile (High) Cuffed up and hosed down, pimped up and hoe down (ohhhhhh) Plus I got a whole city to hold down (ohhhhhh) From the bottom to the top The only place to go down
[Chorus 2nd verse]
[Freeway] Two words, Freeway, two letters, A-R Turn y'all rap niggaz into two words, fast runners Like Jackie Jurner, you better sleep with your burner The heat skeet, blow a reef through ya car My God, two words, no guns, break arms Break necks, break backs, Steven Segul Free...young bars, fresh men of the Roc Left the beef in the pot Jay sent for his dogs and broads, forget ya squad, let em find for yourself Have you screamin out four words "Send for the Lord" Two words, Freeway's slightly retarded Fuck around, throw a clip in ya artist, leave with his broad..
[Harlem Boys Choir (Mos Def)] Throw... (red) Your... (white) Hands... (blue) Up... (black)
Throw... (calm) Your... (down) Hands... (move) Up... (back)
Throw... (motherfuckers) Your... (askin) Hands... (who is) Up... (that)
Throw... (you know) Your... (it's the) Hands... (almighty) Up... (Mighty Johnny Jack)
Throw... (Mos) Your... (Def) Hands... (K) Up... (West)
Throw... (there go) Your... (people) Hands... (get this) Up... (shit off ya chest)
Throw... (north) Your... (to the south) Hands... (to the east) Up... (to the west)
Throw... (we got) Your... (that concert) Hands... (it was no) Up... (contest)
HIGH! (an show it to em like)
"Through The Wire"
Yo G they can't stop me from rapping can they? Can they, huh?
[Chorus:] Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall For a chance to be with you, I'd gladly risk it all Through the fire, through whatever come what may For a chance at loving you, I'd take it all away Right down through the wire, even through the fire
I spit it through the wire man There's too much stuff on my heart right now man I'll gladly risk it all right now It's a life or death situation man Y'all don't really understand how I feel right now man It's your boy Kanye to the... Chi-Town what's going on
[Verse 1:] I drink a boost for breakfast, and ensure for dessert Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp That right there could drive a sane man bizzerk Not to worry Mr. H 2 the Izzo's back to wizzerk How do you console my mom or give her light support? Telling her your son's on life support And just imagine how my girl feel On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Emmett Till She was with me before the deal she been trying to be mine She a delta so she been throwing them Dynasty signs No use me tryin' to be lyin' I been trying to be signed Trying to be a millionaire How I use two lifelines In the same hospital where Biggie Smalls died The doctor said I had blood clots But I ain't Jamaican man Story on MTV and I ain't trying to make a band I swear this right here is history in the making man
I really apologize how I sound right now man If it's unclear at all, man They got my mouth wired shut for like I don't know the doctor said for like six weeks You know we had reconstru... I had reconstructive surgery on my jaw Looked in the mirror half my jaw was in the back of my mouth man I couldn't believe it But I'm still here for you all right now yo This is what I gotta say yo Yeah, turn me up yeah
[Verse 2:] What if somebody from the Chi that was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around But he wasn't talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word Except he's really putting it down And he explained the story about how blacks came from glory And what we need to do in the game Good dude, bad night, right place, wrong time In the blink of an eye his whole life changed If you could feel how my face felt you would know how Mace felt Thank God I ain't too cool for the safe belt I swear to God driver two wanna sue I got lawyer for the case to keep what's in my safe; safe My dawgs couldn't tell if I I look like Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky, it was televised There's been an accident like GEICO They thought I was burnt up like Pepsi did Michael I must gotta angel Cause look how death missed his ass Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. Glass Look back on my life like the ghost of Christmas past Toys R Us where I used to spend that Christmas cash And I still won't grow up, I'm a grown ass kid Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did But I'm a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph Make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire
Know what I'm saying When the doctor told me I had a um.. I was going to have a plate on my chin I said dawg don't you realize I'll never make it on the plane now Its bad enough I got all this jewelry on Can't be serious man
[Chorus repeats till fade]
"Family Business"
[Intro: Kanye West] How's your son? (all, all, all the things, things) He make the team this year? (all, all, all the things things) Aw th-, they said he wasn't tall enough? (all, all, all the glitter is not gold) Yeah me we gon' cook this up (now gold is not a reality) (real is what you live to be)
[Verse 1: Kanye West] This is family business And this is for the family that can't be with us And this is for my cousin locked down, know the answer's in us That's why I spit it in my songs so sweet Like a photo of your granny's picture Now that you're gone it hit us Super hard on Thankgiving and Christmas, this can't be right Yeah you heard the track I did man, this can't be life Somebody please say grace so I can save face And have a reason to cover my face I even made you a plate, soul food, know how Granny do it Monkey bread on the side, know how the family do it When I brought it why had guard have to look all to it? As kids we used to laugh Who knew that life would move this fast? Who knew I'd have to look at you through a glass? And look, tell me you ain't did it, you ain't did it And if you did, then that's family business
[Hook: Choir] And I don't care 'bout (all the, all the diamond rings, diamond rings) They don't mean a thing (all, all, all the things) All these fancy things I tell you that all (all the glitter) my weight in gold Now all I know I know all these things
[Verse 2: Kanye West] This is family business And this is for everybody standin' with us Come on, let's take a family Grammy picture Abby, remember when they ain't believe in me? Now she like "See, that's my cousin on TV" Now, we gettin' it and we gon' make it And y'all gon' hate it and I'm his favorite I can't deny it, I'm a straight rider But when we get together be electric slidin' Grandma, get 'em shook up Aw naw, don't open the photo book up I got an Aunt Ruth that can't remember your name But I bet them Polaroids'll send her down memory lane You know that one auntie, you don't wanna be rude But every holiday nobody eatin' her food And you don't wanna stay there cuz them your worst cousins Got roaches at their crib like them your first cousins Act like you ain't took a bath with your cousins Fit three in the bed while six of y'all I'm talkin' 'bout three by the head and three by the leg But you ain't have to tell my girl I used to pee in the bed
[Interlude: Choir] Rain, rain, rain go away Let the sun come out and all the children say Rain, rain, rain go away Let the sun come out and all the children say
[Verse 3: Kanye West] I woke up early this mornin' with a new state of mind A creative way to rhyme without usin' knives and guns Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God And keep your face to the risin' sun All my niggas from the Chi, that's my family dog And my niggas ain't my guys, they my family dog I feel like one day you'll understand me dog You can still love your man and be manly dog You ain't got to get heated at every house warmin' Sittin' here, grillin' people like George Foreman Why Uncle Ray and Aunt Shiela always performin'? The second she storms out then he storms in Y'all gon' sit down, have a good time this reunion And drink some wine like Communion And act like everything fine and if it isn't We ain't lettin' everybody in our family business
[Interlude: Choir] (all the, all the diamond rings, diamond rings) They don't mean a thing (all, all, all the things) They don't mean a thing (all the, all the diamond rings, diamond rings) They don't mean a thing, a thing
[Hook: Choir] And I don't care 'bout (all the, all the diamond rings, diamond rings) They don't mean a thing (all, all, all the things) All these fancy things I tell you that all (all the glitter) my weight in gold Now all I know I know all these things
[Females:] (oooh) All these things (these things) [Males:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [F:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [M:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [F:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [M:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [F:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things) [M:] All these things (oooh) all these things (these things)
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What's Going on in Columbia? October 18-23 (Homecoming Week)

THE ACCOUNTANT - Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a math savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Behind the cover of a small-town CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations.
AMERICAN HONEY - A sensation at the Cannes Film Festival, where it took home the Jury Prize, American Honey is a dazzling and ambitious road film set in the Midwest. Star (20-year-old Sasha Lane, delivering a headturning debut performance) is dumpster diving when she notices a van carrying a young, motley crew. She follows them inside the local K-Mart and makes eye contact with Jake (Shia LaBeouf). The next day, Star hops in their van, and they head towards Kansas City, selling magazines door-to-door and partying along the way.
THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK – THE TOURING YEARS - Directed by Ron Howard and produced with the full cooperation of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, this entertaining and evocative documentary transports us to the 1960s, when The Beatles cemented their reputation as a brilliant live act. The film will focus on the time period from the early Beatles' journey in the days of The Cavern Club in Liverpool to their last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in 1966. Their inner workings and astounding musical gifts are revealed through electric, never-before-seen archival materials, including footage exclusive to movie theaters.
THE BIRTH OF A NATION - Set in the antebellum South, Birth of a Nation boldly explores the life and death of Nat Turner, a slave who orchestrated an uprising in 1831. As a young boy, Nat startles his owners by displaying an aptitude for reading. They decide to teach him how to read the Bible. As an adult, Nat (Nate Parker) is a gifted preacher, regularly offering wisdom to his fellow slaves. Nat's owner Samuel (Armie Hammer) encounters hard times and decides to take advantage of Nat's gift. Written and directed by Parker, Birth of a Nation premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award.
BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN - Madea (Tyler Perry) fends off killers, poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies on Halloween.
DEEPWATER HORIZON - Lone Survivor director Peter Berg helms this docudrama about the true story of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a 2010 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico which resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The film depicts the challenges Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and the rest of the rig's crew as they fought for survival.
DON’T BREATHE - Three friends plot to end their money woes by burglarizing the home of a blind recluse (Stephen Lang), but the heist quickly goes awry when they discover that their target is concealing a horrifying secret -- and that he isn't as harmless as they had thought.
THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - A recent divorcee (Emily Blunt) fantasizes about a couple that she passes each day on her commuter train ride. Soon, she becomes entangled in a mystery involving the couple, as well as her former husband and his new family in this adaptation of the 2015 bestseller by Paula Hawkins.
JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK - This time around, Reacher works to exonerate Maj. Susan Turner after she is accused of treason, and his quest leads him to a conspiracy involving the murder of soldiers.
KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES - An ordinary suburban couple (Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher) discovers that their hospitable new neighbors (Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot) are actually government spies, thrusting them into an international espionage imbroglio.
KEVIN HART: WHAT NOW? - Comedian Kevin Hart returns to his hometown of Philadelphia to perform in front of a record setting, sold-out Lincoln Financial Field in this stand-up documentary. Footage from his historic 2015 show is mixed with skits starring Halle Berry and Don Cheadle.
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - In this remake of the classic 1960 oater of the same name (itself a Western remake of Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, The Seven Samurai), seven gunslingers join forces in order to protect a small town from a mining tycoon and his goons, who plan to seize the residents' land by force. The seven-man army is led by a mysterious bounty hunter, and also includes a sharp-witted gambler, a troubled ex-Civil War soldier, a mountain man, an expert knife thrower, an outlaw, and a Comanche warrior.
MASTERMINDS - A dim-witted armored-car driver (Zach Galifianakis) is lured into taking part in a massive heist by a seductive co-worker (Kristen Wiig) and her criminal accomplice (Owen Wilson). But when his partners steal the money and betray him, he is forced to evade a police detective (Leslie Jones) and an eccentric hit man (Jason Sudeikis) while seeking his revenge.
MAX STEEL - Max discovers that his body can generate the universe’s most powerful energy. Unbeknown to Max, a techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel has been keeping an eye on him. When they finally meet, they discover that together they form MAX STEEL.
MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN - After a family tragedy, a boy (Asa Butterfield) follows a series of clues that lead him to a mysterious orphanage on a remote Welsh island. There, he discovers a community of children with unusual abilities.
OPERATION AVALANCHE - It's the height of the Cold War, and the US government is concerned a Russian mole has infiltrated NASA. In response, two young CIA agents (Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) investigate undercover, posing as a documentary filmmaking crew. They are shocked by what they discover. In reality, director Matt Johnson surreptitiously filmed Operation Avalanche on location at NASA; he obtained access by claiming he was making a student documentary.
WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS - John and Laura Taylor desperately want a baby. After exhausting all other options, they finally hire Anna to be their surrogate - but as she gets further along in her pregnancy, so too does her psychotic and dangerous fixation on the husband.
RAGTAG CINEMA – 10 Hitt Street 573-443-4359
REGAL STADIUM 14 THEATER – 2800 Goodwin Pointe Drive 573-817-0770
GOODRICH FORUM 8 – 1209 Forum Katy Parkway 573-445-7469
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He said a city with the population of Kansas City’s should have 150 people working on contact tracing full time. So far, Kansas City has spent $1.4 million on contact tracing. Archer said he ... KANSAS CITY, Mo. Kansas City officials on Wednesday introduced another attempt to reduce crime in the city, with a focus on increasing community involvement, breaking down barriers between groups ... Find out what slot machines actually returned to the public in all U.S. states. See which states have the best-paying casino slot games and which have the lowest-paying casino slots. Includes slot machine payback statistics for all U.S. casino/resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Beth Phillips, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that six defendants were sentenced today, in separate but related cases, for their roles in a $3.5 million illegal gambling business that relied on a Web site with a computer server located in Costa Rica. Sacred Heart sisters say money plays god in Korean society today, deploring the opening of a major building for off-track race horse betting. It stands only a stone's throw from Sacred Heart Girls High School where South Korean President Park Geun-hye graduated in 1971.

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